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Selbstverständlich organisiseren wir alle Reisen ab / bis Deutschland
inkl sämtlicher Flüge, Transfers etc.
Wir haben alle internationalen Airlines, indonesischen Airlines
sowie eigene Fahrzeuge, Fahrer und Guides vor Ort. 
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PapuaParadise EcoResort

30 top dive sites within 10 km distance around the island with coral reefs richest in the world. Every diver could find their favourable sites to dive because the crystal clean bays, mangrove-side shores and deep water reefs offer perfect opportunities

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Transfer Sorong - PapuaParadise EcoResort Sorong
PapuaParadise EcoResort Fullboard
Tauchpaket oder unlimited diving
PapuaParadise EcoResort 
The resort island, Birie, is located in Raja Ampat, West Papua. Raja Ampat
is specific within Indonesia, the name refers to the four biggest islands
within this archipelago (Batanta, Waigeo, Misool and Salawati), and the
area covers 42,000 km2 including 2500 limestone islands with beautiful
untouched shores and noisy rainforests. We are strongly intend to support
the conservation of Raja Ampat’s spectacular underwater and rainforest
realm, while also help and create real benefits for the local communities..
Our future intention is to establish a foundation for protecting the
breathtaking biodiversity of Pulau Dua a conservation area nearby to
PapuaParadise EcoResort.
With ten bungalows built over the coral reef with natural materials by
traditional construction method, PapuaParadise EcoResort offers
unforgettable diving holidays on the island surrounded by peaceful white
sandy beach and stunning coral reefs.
Each spacious 60 m2 bungalow has its own 20 m2 massive terrace, on which
our guest could enjoy the slight breeze and the glamorous sunset lying in
a hammock, and a 6 m2 indoor bathroom (with eco warm water) providing high
standard of comfort. Our sea-view restaurant is a perfect place to have a
rest while looking over the blue bay and try delicious Indonesian meals
prepared by our local staff using ingredients bought mostly from the
nearby village. Of course, the menu contains European dishes as well.
PapuaParadise EcoResort’s Padi dive centre is designed to fulfill the
requirements of underwater photographers as well. Our guests are taken to
closer dive sites with two smaller speed boats of 8 people or to further
dive sites and trips with a bigger, 14 people capacity speed boat.
We have over 30 top dive sites within 10 km distance around the island
with coral reefs richest in the world. Every diver could find their
favourable sites to dive because the crystal clean bays, mangrove-side
shores and deep water reefs offer perfect opportunities for both big fish
lovers and macro maniacs.
The EcoResort enjoys a geographical position which allows easy access to the resort in any weather conditions. You can count on fantastic dive's at any time of the year.
The cold, nutrient rich underwater currents near the shore attract masses of underwater life including manta rays. The size of these amazing creatures can reach up to 6 meters. We can differentiate between two kinds; the well know white colour manta ray, and the all black, which is unique to this area. Different type of larger fish are attracted to this area, as the myriad of small fish feeding on the plankton-rich waters provide the perfect hunting ground for all. Cachalot and grampus are just two to mention. Furthermore sea cows and turtles are grazing the underwater sea grass near the shores and pipe fish and ghost-pipe fish feed in the coral reefs near by. At dusk we can also spot mandarin fish playing on the coral reefs.
In the underwater crevices carpet sharks are sleeping and this place is also home to walking sharks. There are beautiful examples of fan corals at the depth of 20m and if you look carefully you can find pigmy sea horses hiding on them. It's not easy to see them as the white fan coral provides shelter for the white pigmy seahorse, the red for the red pigmy seahorse and the yellow for the yellow pigmy seahorse. The ample varieties of nudibranchias or sea slugs living in this part of Indonesia are worth mentioning as well. It is possible to identify more than 20 different types with their staggering colour variations during a single dive. They provide the perfect opportunity to take some amazing photos.
Raja Ampat Marine Park (1st of February 2015)
- The permit fee for international visitors will be 1,000,000 Indonesian Rupiah
- The permit fee for Indonesian citizens will be IDR 500,000
- The permit will be valid for 12 months from date of purchase.
Raja Ampat Marine Park entry permit fees are directed to the operational costs
of Raja Ampat's five Marine Protected Areas (patrols, administration etc)
and to community conservation and development programs.
A Raja Ampat National Park entry permit PIN (or tag) must be purchased
by all visitors to Raja Ampat.
Legislation provides for a pretty hefty fine
if the authorities find you in the park without one.

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